I guess I’ll stop at episode 9 or 10. I just don’t want it to end.I was giggling at the cuteness of Tae Oh and Eun Soo at 4AM in the morning and I regret spoiling myself reading a recap of episode 12 (I didn’t get to sleep and went to University to inform about the defects in my account.). They broke up.

A relationship isn’t all about being lovey-dovey all the time. There’re also ups and downs in a relationship. When there’s a misunderstanding or when someone wants to know his/her significant other’s thoughts or feelings about something or about each other, sometimes it leads to a fight. There’re also times when the other is afraid to tell his/her thoughts with the other, not because he/she doesn’t trusts him but maybe because the person is afraid the to hurt the other’s feelings, create misunderstandings or just afraid. Sometimes, there will be insecurities too. Eun Soo can’t tell Tae Oh her problems and insecurities maybe not because she can’t trust him, but because she’s just afraid. And that led to a fight between Eun Soo and Tae Oh. But that matter was resolved. Tae Oh is just there waiting for Eun Soo’s heart to open up to him and he, too, tells her his problems and insecurities. Eun Soo did told him her insecurities. Tae Oh told her that he too, sometimes thinks what Eun Soo thinks and breaks the atmosphere with a smile. It’s funny that I feel heavy when they fight and then breathe a sigh of relief when they made up and talk about it and then I’ll smile.

Tae Oh, even though he’s 7 years younger than Eun Soo, is mature for his actual age. He also tries hard to make Eun Soo look at him as a man. One thing that made me say that that’s a BIG no NO was when he moved in with Eun Soo without telling her first. He should have asked her first. ┬áHe just sent him a text message asking to come home quickly. He should have talked to Eun Soo first and ask her if it’s alright.

Couples should also talk about matters to not create misunderstandings that will lead to a fight and also, to know more about each other. Like, “Ah, this person is like this too.” or “Ah, so this is what he/she thinks.”

I felt a little sad reading the recap. Why? Because it’s over. They broke up. Maybe it has come to the point that it doesn’t work out anymore. One makes the move to make a relationship work out but what if the other does not cooperate…? I haven’t watched past episode 6 yet so I won’t dwell with that topic.

Why am I writing this? I just felt like writing it. :)

Being in a relationship doesn’t always mean you’re in Disney land - Everything is magical and nice with sugar and spice. There will be times when couples fight but they also work it out by calmly talking about it first or patiently waiting for the other to finally open up and say one’s feelings that were kept hidden. I haven’t been into a relationship myself before but this is what I think at the moment. Maybe there’s even more to what I wrote here and to what I think. I didn’t write all my thoughts. hahaha.

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