I have this habit of sucking my thumb when I have a flu.


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Though I didn’t caught any fish, it was fun.

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LOL. Yes. I do this.

Ako yung tipo ng tao na sa loob-loob ko lang napapatili kapag sobrang saya o kaya naman nagfafangirl o excited - may kasama man o wala. Squeal? Oo, yun, baka pwede pa. Yung mahina lang talaga pero bakas yung panggigigil at tuwa ko.

091: I tried fishing. I didn’t caught any.

I tried fishing, yesterday, January 2, 2012, at Hacienda Escudero. There’s a place there, near the pool, where you could fish and if you caught any, it will be yours for free and you could also ask them to cook it during lunch time. I didn’t caught any fish but the view was great. You could also try rafting. FISHING NEEDS A LOT OF PATIENCE. I SALUTE TO YOU RIIDA.

What am I writing!? Why am I writing these stuffs!? These should be on my purrrrrrrsonal blog. I dunno… Is it because I’m looking for someone to talk to but there’s none. But if there is someone I could talk to, I don’t know where to start/ what I’m going to say first. uh- Hi?

Introverts are people can who draw energy from being alone with their thoughts. They enjoy, and sometimes even need, a deep conversation with people they trust; they often don’t like small talk, or rather often don’t see the point in it. But after a while they will feel the need to be alone again, to recharge and sort out things on their own.

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