My Man, Kim Boong Do


One of my favorites.

He had such wonderful parents. I thank his parents for giving birth and raising a child like him. Thank you for raising such a wonderfully amazing man.

Sir, you don’t wink attractively when in a fight. And how can you be so adorable!? Your dimples, cheeks, lips, eyes, smile.. argh! I forgive the hair.



@Star_Mr_G aka Kim Boong Do blowing our mind away with his hotness!

(QIHM teaser)

those lips…. jawline… 

Snippets of Boong Do, winking…

Because words aren’t enough to explain what I’m feeling right now.

Sir, you are really an amazing man. Kudos to you.


Star Mr. G posted a tweet. June 11, 2012.

translation: redpinkboxes

아이고~참!걱정들 엄청 하네~!멀쩡하게 잘먹고 잘살고 있으니까~
Aigoo! There are so many of you that are worried for me. I’m completely fine, eating and living well!
잠수 탄 거 아니니까~걱정마요~!
I didn’t vanish so don’t worry!
나한테 똑같은 상황이 와도 난 똑같이 할꺼니까!
If i were to be in the same situation(back that night) again, i would still do the same thing!
아~그리고 예로부터 남의일에 신경 많이 쓰는 사람치고 잘 된 사람 없다고들 하니~
And, people who always butt into other people’s business, none of them are good people.
적당히 신경써줘요~다 행복하게!
So don’t care too much about what they said! Everyone, be happy!

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Boong Do… I’m getting giddy just looking at his smile :D

Remembering the days when I squealed after watching the trailer? I was like, “THIS IS IT! THIS IS THE ONE!” And it didn’t fail me.

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This is dedicated to all imaginary girlfriends of Ji Hyun Woo ,

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Still can’t decide which one is hotter?

For me, the second one is hotter. Boong Do haven’t seen her for a year and yea… He looks like he’s gonna eat her up.

p.s: I’ll never look at this the same way again.

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