Cutie for Singles 

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Is there another way of cooking/type of Adobo? o.O Because the Adobo I know is this

The bromance is heartbreaking…

Kang To looks happy, in the preview, walking in the forest… hmmm? Why?

Kang To helping her doing the laundry? ahaha~ A way to hide your tears alright.Mok Dan seems confused.


Can’t wait for the next episode of 1 night 2 days :)

Bingo! Haha

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It’s just another ordinary Gaksital Wednesday, I’m sitting, watching episode 9, when suddenly this happens:

And just like that

What was I saying again?… I… I…

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I say you keep Kang To’s hair wavy like this.

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Kang To being his awesome self.

I’m still alive… I’m still…. *thuds*
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Gaksital (Bridal Mask/각시탈) 


I’m not in the mood to reblog posts, make gifs from the dramas I watch.. yadayadayadasdf at the moment. Saving stuffs for later. On a side note, I’m still under Kim Boong Do’s Queen In Hyun’s Man spell (because of that, I resolved to watching variety shows and documentaries for weeks) but is starting to move on and watch other ongoing dramas. Gaksital is one of the few dramas that caught my attention, along with I Love Lee Tae Ri.