My Man, Kim Boong Do


One of my favorites.

Gaksital (Bridal Mask/각시탈) 


I’m not in the mood to reblog posts, make gifs from the dramas I watch.. yadayadayadasdf at the moment. Saving stuffs for later. On a side note, I’m still under Kim Boong Do’s Queen In Hyun’s Man spell (because of that, I resolved to watching variety shows and documentaries for weeks) but is starting to move on and watch other ongoing dramas. Gaksital is one of the few dramas that caught my attention, along with I Love Lee Tae Ri.



@Star_Mr_G aka Kim Boong Do blowing our mind away with his hotness!

(QIHM teaser)

those lips…. jawline… 

Snippets of Boong Do, winking…


Boong Do… I’m getting giddy just looking at his smile :D

Remembering the days when I squealed after watching the trailer? I was like, “THIS IS IT! THIS IS THE ONE!” And it didn’t fail me.

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Still can’t decide which one is hotter?

For me, the second one is hotter. Boong Do haven’t seen her for a year and yea… He looks like he’s gonna eat her up.

p.s: I’ll never look at this the same way again.

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“I wanted to make this confession in front of the fans who enjoyed our drama. I sincerely love Yoo In Na.” - Ji Hyun Woo

Aww! This can’t be for promotion because their drama just wrapped up right? So then this must be real. It must be the late nights, the long time spent together and the many oh-so-sweet kisses they shared during the filming that caused him to fall for Yoo In na. I’m sorry I can’t help but smile, the fangirl in me truly wishes this to be true. (^^,) *happy dance*

Definitely not for promotion. Ji Hyun Woo isn’t this kind of person. He’s very careful when to comes to relationships. Him confessing publicly = he means it. He loves her.

Writing again because sanity has come back to me now that I got to sleep for 4 hours. Heck! I thought I won’t be able to sleep!

Lesson: Don’t write when sanity has left you.

I’m not upset about the final episode of Queen In Hyun’s Man. I’m happy and satisfied that our couple are together again and still stayed true to their character. Just that, I was expecting a lot more than that. In the beginning, Boong Do got to travel to the future because of the talisman given to him by Yoon Wol. The phone, the phone on the other hand, became a link for Hee Jin and Boong Do to communicate whenever he arrives in 2012.

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What I liked about this scene was Boong Do’s signature wink in a gentle way saying that “I’m already here; I’m back, so it’s alright now.” Hee Jin winks back in response.



Dear shippers who have been supporting InHyun from the start; dear shippers who have jumped on board recently; dear silent readers who are lurking in this thread because you’re curious after hearing the news… If you lurked in QIHM thread or followed me on tumbl you know I’m an avid InHyun shipper…

Basically my thoughts. There are after effects in this action. They are celebrities and I’m scared for them because of their agencies, the media and the fans. There are these countless what ifs and I fear for the future but I also hope for something happy to happen.

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H2: *sighs*

H1: Remember what Matt Smith said in an interview?

H2: Don’t apply logic on Doctor Who.

H1: Replace Doctor Who…

H2: Don’t apply logic on the last episode of Queen In Hyun’s Man.

H1: *smiles* Just enjoy the show and be happy for the couple. Don’t think too much about the ending.

H2: But!

H1: HUSH!~

EDIT: Don’t write when sanity has left you.

Now that I’ve calmed down. Writer, what was that all about? It’s been a year and the phone is still working? Oh Boong Do, how did you save the phone’s battery? How? Did you charged it using the method like what Xiao Chuan in The Myth series? HOW!?

Because of their undying love pouring out at the same time when the memories are finally coming back? hmmm. Cheesy but convincing. Sorry to ruin the happy mood but I was expecting a little more. I’m happy that he got back to 2012 but it still.

Uh. Okay, maybe I was spoiled by the writer because there’s an explanation in every episode of why is this like this and that and why this and that happened and this is the effect of that and the cause of that.

And Ji Hyun Woo just confessed that he likes Yoo In Na. REEL turned REAL.

EDIT: Don’t write when sanity has left you.